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This Month's Featured Podcast!

Time to share another one of my favorite Life On Your Terms podcast episodes!

This month I choose my interview with Kara Lamerato who had a successful and lucrative banking & investment career for 14 years.

A year after her daughter was born, she left the corporate world to be with her child. She was able to make this leap by going back to artistic roots and accelerating the growth of a small side hobby business to become the second income for their family.

Today, Kara’s Vineyard Wedding company has grown exponentially. She and her husband ENJOY the freedoms of a life they are so grateful for!

In this interview Kara shares the moment that spoke to her and inspired her to take a risk and make a change based on her personal values.

Don’t miss the gems and insights she shares that you can apply to your own life!

You can listen to my interview with Kara at:

You can listen to all the Podcast Episodes at:


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