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Life on Your Terms

 with dr. gwen schiada

Life on Your Terms means defining what success means to YOU, having the courage to walk towards it and manifesting the life of your dreams! 


When you’re consciously in alignment with your passions, values and purpose, it is here you’ll discover true joy.

Just as your body can become out of alignment so can your mindset, life, spirit and soul. 


Manifesting your ideal life requires guidance. I can guide you through the process with my proven 7L Framework.


Creating the life you desire and deserve starts with giving yourself permission.

Are you ready to live Life on Your Terms?

What does it feel like to
be in alignment?

When you’re in alignment there’s a peaceful knowing and glow! You’ll feel it and others will see it and it’s contagious! You get there by tapping into your inner compass and revealing your most authentic self.

Enjoying the cup of coffee


Meditating on Beach


1 TO 1

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Have you been in the same job for years, but feel you have a deeper purpose and want to pursue a new direction? Are you unsure how to get there?

Perhaps you’re a new parent with a demanding career who wants to spend more time with your child. Does the path to a more balanced life seem impossible?

Maybe you want to live a slower paced life on a tropical island, but everyone tells you that’s only a dream?

I've been there!

I'm Dr. Gwen Schiada,

I know how it feels to be stuck while knowing there's so much more. I want you to feel empowered and emboldened, not beholden to whatever it is that holds you back.

After a life-changing trip, I decided to get my doctorate in clinical psychology and dedicate my life to helping others discover their purpose in life and achieve their potential.

What I teach is the exact process that I used to create a fulfilling future. The 7L Framework is a program I developed to create a Life On Your Terms.

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"Life is not a's about your pace. Create the space and go with grace. It's a journey that starts from let's begin."  Dr. Gwen


The 7L Framework is for you if...

You want to feel emboldened to claim and create the life, business, or career you desire but, feel beholden to barriers and beliefs that hold you back

You feel a stirring inside to move towards something bigger, but you're unsure how to tap into your own power and chart your path

You'll feel you've let yourself down if another year goes by and you haven't taken action to achieve your dreams

You want to live life awake and stop living on autopilot

is made for you

7L Framework Program

If you're feeling the call of change, but unsure what to do next or how to get there, this 8 module program is perfect for you to tap into your inner compass and begin to create life on your terms.
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The Life on Your Terms Podcast

001-Welcome To Life On Your TermsDr. Gwen Schiada
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“Because of you, I’m living life on my terms! What a turning point that retreat became!!"
-Laura Gallagher

Renew. Retreat. Recharge.

Transform through new friendships, healthy food demonstrations, healing practices, and the powerful 7L Framework mindset to guide the way!
Renew, Recharge, Retreat February 21 - 25, 2024!

let me help you.

You are exactly where you need to be right now.

Thanks for getting started! I will get back to you soon.

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